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WE’RE ENGAGED!!!WE’RE ENGAGED!!!WE’RE ENGAGED!!! I am so giddy writing this post right now! I still am in complete bliss, as you can probably tell, haha! Probably explains why it took me so long to get this up! Well, it only took about a week but knowing me I would have posted it right away! I took some time to gather my feelings & excitement and now I am sharing with y’all the proposal story as well as our story. Spoiler alert, this blog post will contain a lot of lovey dovey stuff and will be quite long so grab a snack and let’s begin!

Our Story: It all began back in high school in the year 2008 in an Algebra 3-4 class. I walked in on the first day of school and was scoping out the class to see if any of my friends were in it. Naturally, what you do on the first day right? Well, that’s when I saw him, Michael, the football player with the green eyes. Now, I knew who he was prior to seeing him in my class because my cousin was on the football team as well. I first saw him in the team photo =).

As the first day of classes usually go teachers tend to sit us according to alphabetically order. Unfortunately, we weren’t sitting together since my last name is Duarte and his is Hernandez. But, luckily for me my best friend at the time was sitting next to him. Which, meant she got to talk to him during our group activities/tests. I would always tell her to poke him for information but of course, Michael being Michael he didn’t really let out juicy information, haha! So I moved to plan B, I would purposely not staple my homework at home in order to pass by him in class. To my disadvantage, he was always napping before class so it was completely pointless! In fact, I would purposely bump into him to wake him up so he would notice me but he would simply say sorry and go right back to napping! You can imagine my frustration!

My best friend at the time had a boyfriend who was also on the football team. Well, like most of us do we confide in our boyfriend and she told him about my crush on Michael. I can still remember that phone call I received when she started off by saying “Please don’t be mad at me.” She told me she had told her boyfriend about my crush on Michael and I was okay with that. Then she dropped the bomb! Her boyfriends had spilled the beans and told Michael about my crush on him. Now, at the time I was like “Okay, I can deal with him knowing” my plan was to avoid him at all costs! But, she continued and told me that Michael felt the same way! I was ecstatic! I could not stop smiling, I could not wait to go to school the next day ( the news was given to Michael on Saturday, and I received the call from my friend on Sunday).

That Monday we were both still shy towards each other and if we locked gazes we would quickly look away! We both are shy people! The next day was my birthday, and I found out later from Michael he actually wanted to ask me out that day. He held back because he thought I would be caught up in my birthday bliss that I would say no him! I told him I would have said yes regardless! (I’m actually glad he didn’t because we would have had to celebrate our anniversary on my birthday). The next was the day that little did I know would change my life forever (too cheesy?). He asked me out on October 1st, 2008. I saw him waiting by my locker and for some reason, I was trying to avoid him by talking to a classmate about our assignments but luckily my friend took her away and told me to go to my locker! I was so glad she pushed me because hello I was walking away from my future husband!! I approached my locker and there he was, wearing his Raiders hoodie, blue jeans, and his blue and white Nikes. Yes, I remember all of the small details, I can’t help it! He asked me out and asked for my number and I will never forget how nervous he was! He was so nervous that his hand was shaking when he was putting my number in his phone ( he is going to kill me for telling y’all this detail!). How cute is that though, my heart melted when I saw that! Ever since then we have been inseparable! We have been together for 8 fabulous years. Funny how time flies when you are in love.

ana duarte getting proposed toana duarte is engaged to michael hernandez

The proposal: Since we have been together for 8 years I knew we were going to get engaged. But I didn’t know when exactly it was going to happen. In fact the day before he proposed I was asking him when he was going to propose. Of course, it was an innocent question that I didn’t want him to fully answer.  Little did I know it was going to happen the next day!! His stepdad has been renovating a house in Brisbane and wanted to show us his progress. Us meaning my family and his family as well. Now, I didn’t think anything of this because my parents have been wanting to see the house but it was finished yet. The house is in Brisbane which is about 10 minutes away from San Francisco. Brisbane is known for its gorgeous views of the city, so I knew I had to take this opportunity to take some pictures for my blog and Instagram! Blogger problems am I right?

Michael and I preceded to the balcony to take pictures. Since, I thought we were only taking pictures I kept moving him around and having him take pictures at different angles! Sorry, babe! I told him I wanted a picture of my backside so we proceeded to take these pictures. The first batch didn’t turn out great so we did a few more. I stopped hearing the camera shutter and heard the words “turn around”. And there he was, on one knee about to ask me the BEST question ever! After I saw him on one knee I completely blanked out and was overwhelmed with joy and tears! Luckily, I was able to gather my feeling and heard him when he asked me to marry him!!

ana duarte's engagementcelebrating our engagementengagement photo rose gold engagement ring

“She said yaaasss!!! ” Cheers to y’all if y’all made it to the end! Thank you so much for everyone’s sweet comment, message, snaps, and tweets that Michael and I received! I am currently getting my guest list together and once we have that down we will be touring venues! We are also still deciding on the wedding date! In addition to this blog post, I will have a proposal video on my YouTube channel as a part of my wedding series! Once it is up you can watch it here! That video will have the actual footage of the proposal! Thanks mami for recording it! Let me know some names y’all think I should go with for naming my wedding series! I currently can’t think of anything.

Thanks for reading our story and being a part of this time in our lives! It means the world to me to share this with y’all!

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  1. Awe your love story gave me all the feels Ana! So happy for you and your fiancé Michael! Best wishes and congrats again! Such an exciting time in life!!

  2. Congratulations to you both on your engagement ❤️My husband Mike and I are friends with Brad and Gloria. We both went to Mills high school with Brad. So happy you posted your engagement pics, so romantic and we wish you both all the best, forever and ever❤️You make a very beautiful couple!

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