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It is the middle of summer and I thought I share with you all my favorite summer basics. I think every girl needs these summer basics in their closet to have a killer summer wardrobe! All of these pieces work wonderfully together but also individually!

a girl wearing a white off the shoulder top

the best summer basics

ana duarte wearing a summer outfit

a girl wearing a simple summer outfit

ana duarte having fun in her summer basics

details of summer basics

Summer Basic #1: Summer Hat

It is no secret that I love me a good hat! They not only look amazing but they cover your face from the sun! I need that sun protection, especially my nose since its gets so easily sun burned! In the summer I gravitate towards straw hats! I just love how they instantly add a summer vibe to any outfit! I always get so many compliments on this hat! It is not only the perfect shade of honey but the size is just on point! It is not too big or too small. Plus, a straw hat goes with everything!

Summer Basic #2: Crisp White Top

Y’all know that my favorite color is white, so you knew this was coming…haha! It is not summer without breaking out all the white pieces! I personally think that having a white off the shoulder top is a total must have! It is not only versatile but it is also sexy. Especially this particular top! Not only are you showing off your shoulders, but that slit on the arms gives a little bit more skin exposure. You can create endless looks with this simple canvas!

Summer Basic #3: Denim Shorts

Shorts are just so essential for summertime since no one has the time (or the patience) to fuss with pants! I personally go for a high waisted pair of shorts! When I find a good pair of shorts I make sure to buy backups! Is it only me, or do yall have a hard time shopping for shorts? I love these pair in particular because they are so simple! They have no distressing, color blocking, or embroidery. It will make it easier to style with everything in your closet!

Summer Basics #4: Sunnies

Sunglasses during the summertime are my BFFs! On days when it is too hot to wear makeup I just pop on my favorite pair of sunnies and I am out the door! I usually go for a classic pair of aviators but this year I wanted something different but still classic! The round look is not only on trend but I feel like it suits every face shape. Plus, these sunnies are dupes for the Raybans ones!! So if you have been wanting the Raybans pair but couldn;t justify it this is your chance to still achieve the same look by purchasing these! Just a heads up though, they do not come with a sturdy sunglass case.

What are some of your must have summer basics? Let me know in the comments below! -xo Ana

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