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Today I am going to be sharing with y’all my fitness routine. Now, fair warning, this is not my ideal fitness routine but it is what works for my current lifestyle. I think it’s probably very similar to other full-time workers.

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In a perfect world, I would go to the gym every day and eat super healthy! But, alas that is not my case. Now a days I find myself very busy with trying to juggle a full-time job, blogging, and planning my wedding. I knew I had to find a routine that would be easy to stick to. I found the best way to keep active is through youtube videos and cute workout clothes. I know, I know very basic but its the little things in life.

Youtube is my favorite, it not only gives me vlogs to watch but it also gives me workout routine videos. I use YouTube in two different ways. Whenever I go to the gym I always have videos ready in my “watch later” playlist. I tend to get a better workout in when I am distracted by watching something that I enjoy. Music isn’t all that effective to me because its the same old songs once I go through my playlist.  I always get so excited when I see that my favorite YouTuber uploaded a twenty-minute vlog! In the gym, I typically stick to cardio by either doing the treadmill or the Stairmaster. I also love doing YouTube workout routines! My favorite fitness YouTubers are the ToneItUp girls! They have such a variety of workouts to pick from.  I have a lot of playlists featuring their workout videos! I tend to work out a minimum of three days a week and add on days if my schedule allows it.

Moving on to fashion! I do not get excited to workout, let’s be real. I need a cute workout outfit to get motivated! So, I am so glad that the Ellie Subscription Box is in my life! Y’all know how much I love Ellie! I love all of the outfits they put in their boxes. It always goes with the season and is always so stylish. It’s actually pieces I want to wear to workout. Some of their pieces that I have received I double into my everyday athleisure outfits. Plus, the tool and accessory they send always come in handy with my workouts. Their boxes are a steal, they offer two boxes now! Their first option is their 5 piece box that comes with the full outfit ( sports bra, top, and legging), a tool, and an accessory for $49.95. Their second option is their 3 piece box that just comes with the outfit for $39.95.

My routine is quite simple, just either make it to the gym and watch YouTube videos or stay home and do my workout videos. What is your workout routine?

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