My Favorite Denim Jumpsuit for Summer

Happy Wednesday, friends! I have never been a jumpsuit person but when I saw my friend Alexis wearing this jumpsuit I knew I had to give it a go. Just like any new trend, I tend to keep it pretty basic. This denim jumpsuit was the perfect way to start my obsession!!!

denim jumpsuit from old navy ana duarte wearing a denim jumpsuit ana duarte wearing an old navy denim jumpsuit old navy jumpsuit details of denim jumpsuit summer jumpsuit Ana Duarte wearing a denim jumpsuit from Old Navy

This jumpsuit caught my eye because it was a blank canvas. I can definitely create different looks with this jumpsuit. Stay on the look out to see the other ways I style my favorite denim jumpsuit for summer. If you follow me on Instagram then you know I have an obsession with wearing hats. I love hats year round but I especially love wearing sun hats in the summertime. I think they definitely dress up any outfit! Since it is summer all I can think about is going on vacay. Unfortunately, I don’t think that s going to happen but a girl can pretend right?! So this look was curated! I pretended I was walking the streets of Barcelona on a June afternoon on my way to a coffee date! I think what I love most about this jumpsuit is that fact it not only gives me the chance to try out the jumpsuit trend but also the cropped wide leg trend.  I love the look of a cropped wide leg This is indeed my favorite denim jumpsuit for summer!

I think what I love most about this jumpsuit is that fact it not only gives me the chance to try out the jumpsuit trend but also the cropped wide leg trend.  I love the look of a cropped wide leg but I don’t think I can commit just yet to get a pair of jeans. Also, did I mention that the jumpsuit has pockets?!?!  And, that it comes in two more patterns? I am definitely eyeing the striped version!

A few days ago I asked on my Instagram for some questions because I wanted to get more personal with you all =) So here are some of the questions I got.Where do you see yourself in 5 years? -@roseyeveryday

-Where do you see yourself in 5 years? @roseyeveryday

This is one question that I really had to ponder on. At this stage in my life, the only thing that seems to remain constant is my love life. Not to sound conceited or anything but it is true. I have been with my boyfriend for 8 years going on 9 so I hope in 5 years I am married and have my first child! Regarding my work life, well I hope to be at a job that has to do with something that I really love. I would love to have a career in fashion, beauty or social media.

-Where do you get your outfit inspiration from? When are we going to hangout again?@alexisgriggs

I get my outfit inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest! I love scrolling through my Instagram feed and feeling inspired by everyone’s look! I love shopping at Nordstrom, but my baes are for sure Target and Old Navy! And I hope soon!! I really want to hang out again girly! I’ll text you =)

-What is your typical day like? @stillettoconfessions

Unfortunately, my typical day is my typical work day because I tend to spend more of time at work. I start out my day doing my makeup and getting dressed for work. I tend to update my blog, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat before I leave for work. I also tend to review work emails and what I have to do for that day. Once I get to work I start setting up for the test we are conducting that day and run that same test for the rest of the day. The only time I get a break to do what I love, interacting with you all on Instagram, is on my break or lunch break. Once I am done with work I go home and start working on a blog post, Instagram, or a video.

Thank you to everyone who asked me questions I really enjoyed answering them! If you want to ask me anything else feel free to comment them! -xo Ana

Jumpsuit: Old Navy | Hat (similar): Target | Sandals (similar): Target| Watch: Kate Spade

5 thoughts on “My Favorite Denim Jumpsuit for Summer”

  1. I’ve never been a romper girl myself, that’s really out of my territory. It seems every time I try one on it just doesn’t look good on me.. But your rocked this look girly!
    That question I asked made me think about my 5 years, and I too for sure want to be married and have a toddler within the next 5 years. So crazy thinking about what mom life would be like.

    1. Thank you Rosey! I really enjoyed your question! It got me thinking so much about my future! And I totally agree!! Mom life will be new territory!

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