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Happy Friday, friends! I have never been so happy to see a Friday! Like I mentioned in my Monday post, this week has been SO stressful! Stressful in my work life that is! I am so ready for this weekend! The only thing that would make this weekend better is if I had a four-day weekend, but alas that is not the case. So in light of the holiday, I thought I share with you all a Fourth of July outfit idea! ana duarte wearing a fourth of july outfit ana duarte wearing a summer outfit fourth of july outfit inspo details of fourth of july outfit ana duarte wearing a summer look details of a fourth of july outfit

I’ve never been the person to buy a themed fourth of July top for fourth of July. Becuase, honestly I will only wear it on fourth of july. I’m all about having versatile pieces in my closet and a top that is restricted to only the fourth of July doesn’t cut it for me. I love finding pieces in my closet that with other pieces make up a fourth of July outfit!

Thus, this fourth of July outfit idea was created! I have been loving overalls! I have the traditional overalls, overall shorts, and now an overall dress. I think overall dresses are so darling and feminine. They just remind me of my childhood! All I need are my trusty pair of jellies!! Who else remembers jellies?! If you do, I am giving you a major high five right now, haha! I wanted to make this overall dress more 24-year-old Ana appropirate so I wore this white off the shoulder top. Nothing says summer like a white off the shoulder top right?!  I love wearing off the shoulder tops or tanks under my overalls. So now that we have a blue and white aspect to this outfit I decided to have my red be my red lips. I think red lips really complete this whole look! It again gives a more grown-up vibe, even though we are wearing an overall dress.

So now that we have a blue and white aspect to this outfit I decided to have my red be my red lips. Red lips, in my opinion,  gives a more grown-up vibe to this look. Plus this red lipstick won’t budge so you can eat all the hotdogs and smores!! You could also go with a red bandana around your neck or as a headband for your red item. The best part about this whole look is that all these pieces can be worn year round! So, yes sadly people will be able to call you an outfit repeater. But, hey I am too so heeeeyyy! If you still are looking for more fourth of July outfit ideas then you should check out my fourth of July outfit ideas video!!

What are you guys doing for the fourth? Let me know in the comments. I need some inspiration because  I still have no idea what I am doing!!

Overall dress (similar): Forever 21 | Off the shoulder top (similar): Target | Sunglasses: Amazon | Shoes: Vans  | Lip Color: Sephora 

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